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Simple electric first price block 3 sockets protruding through the installation accessories such as necklaces rilsans the insulation adhesive tape, electrician for the junction boxes for drywall and seal switch in the wall, wago or dominoes. Also available are rigid and flexible cables sold by the meter was cut or just coils 50 and 100 meters, breakdowns and kit vmc, flexible ducts and vents of different sizes and bare electrical tables 1 single rows or 4 rows even be equipped as required, the unit has circuit breakers of 10 amps to 32 amps you should find your happiness among the items for sale and do not forget to check back from time to time other because your shop evolve in time, thank you for your visit.


  • Switches and sockets

    electrical equipment online, all equipment has a range of recessed your wiring, sockets and go piece and comes with detachable front panel, fixing equipment has also claw and screw, easy connection son thanks to the automatic terminals 2 years warranty electrical equipment.

  • pro tools and DIY

    tool for electrician, plasterer, bricklayer, for artisan and entrepreneur

  • Accessories poses

    cheapest electrical equipment, find all accessories for your electrical installations as clamps for electrical cables and rigid tubes.

  • son electrical cables and conduits

    industrial electrical equipment, electrical cables, rigid son, for all your electrical installation and renovation of your home, visit the store discount site.

  • Aeration and ventilation VMC

    electrical equipment in the area of Toulouse, France, find all the electrical appliances for ventilation, ventilation in your home, kits to make your own work.

  • Lighting and spotlights

    cheap electrical equipment, all for lighting your garden spots for garage lighting and lights for marking paths edge spots on picket lines all for you.

  • switchboards

    Cheap electrical panel for the renovation and protection of your electrical installations and residential housing types from T1 to T5, any kind of house can also be installed for the office, you will also find other electric tables in the shop for wet installation as basements and garages.

  • Breakers, Differentials and Modules

    circuit breaker electrical panel, find a range of circuit breaker for the compliance of your home electrical system type house, apartment.

  • electric heating

    A range of electric heater, auxiliary heater, heating cheap radiant panel cheap.

  • Winders, extensions, plugs and electric Strip

    Hose construction, extension cords of different lengths and essential accessories, sheets, strips; triplet and triplitte, plugs ....