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Switches and sockets

electrical equipment online, all equipment has a range of recessed your wiring, sockets and go piece and comes with detachable front panel, fixing equipment has also claw and screw, easy connection son thanks to the automatic terminals 2 years warranty electrical equipment.


  • Switches and sockets 1 Discount Prices

    Looking for the really cheap electrical equipment? Then you are on the right page! , Find in this category all electrical equipment monobloc mixer with detachable front or white trim, fixing claw or screw your choice, standard dimensions and adapts to all recessed boxes, all at low discount prices for your work home renovation, all sockets, switches, going and coming, single or illuminated push buttons, making single TV or satellite connection and standard telephone jacks, category 5e RJ45 plug computer and many more equipment such as cable outlets for connection ovens kitchen or connecting the coil heaters, quality has low price guarantee. Power NF French and CE European Union, these devices are the leading products of our shop. Warranty 2 Years.

  • Switches and taken great classic white

    outlets and electrical switches classic cheap color to white French standard NF and CE, perfect for replacing your old electrical equipment standards, the shallowness of these sockets and switches allow you to be able to install in old boxes 60s.

  • Silver gray switches and standard sockets

    The special art decoration electrical equipment, electrical equipment buy gray color unbeatable price. In this category you will find the standard piece of electrical equipment silver gray color for decorating your interior as the kitchen worktop, credenza or to harmonize your livingspaces, lounge, dining room, office, all of it home.

  • Switches and standard anthracite taken

    electrical equipment destocking by switches, going and coming, outlets and any specific taken as television, internet rj, phone, cable outlet and other equipment at discount prices. for renovation and new construction house but also any type of apartment and office.

  • Switches and standard white color made

    selling electrical equipment, the whole fitting range in standard white piece with mounting screw but also has claw, French standards and CE 2 Years warranty on this whole range, good quality and robust over time, these devices will agree perfect for all French electrical installations.

  • Waterproof switches and sockets IP 54

    Sealed electrical equipment, the French electrical standards, protection class IP, perfect for your electrical installation work in damp spaces such as basements and attics, garages for cars and places for outdoor, pool, garden, patio lighting and many others.

  • Switches and sockets surface mountingk

    buy electrical equipment outlet wall or surface mounting, simple plug and go and comes standard French standards, cheap, DIY quality to your work.

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